Uvas Road Race #3 results - 19 January 2014

Weather: Cool early, but absolutely gorgeous during the race. Phenomenal!!

Volunteer Crew
Registration: Kyle Schirrmacher, Zachary Hilton, Pam Levine
Course Marshalls: Mannay Managbanag, Raul Arias
Start/Finish: David Hoag, Pam Levine, Jason Wiener (coordinator)
Sycamore Wall: Paul Young
Parking Lot: Todd Munk
Mentors: Jon Sek, Manny Puentes

The Overall Winner was new Cat 5 rider Eva Silverstein followed by Mark Bregman (Cat 5) and Johannes Stephens (Cat1).

Category podiums:
Cat1: Johannes Stephens, Erik Camacho, Randy Bramblett
Cat2: Tom Stanis, Greg McCullough, Mike Scaglione
Cat3: Yukon Maruyama, Craig Amey, Alan Weatherall
Cat4: Wayne Yurtin, Graham Koetz, Laura Hipp
Cat5: Eva Silverstein, Mark Bregman, Pierre Delisle

The first Wall primes went to Mark Bregman followed by Cat5s Eva Silverstein, Leslie Bull, Pierre Delisle and Curtis Lindsey.

The second Wall primes went to Cat 5's Eva Silverstein, Mark Bregman, Pierre Delisle, Curtis Lindsey, and Leslie Bull.

The final Wall primes went to Cat 5's Eva Silverstein and Mark Bregman followed by Cat 1 Johannes Stephens, Cat 2 Greg McCollough, and Cat 1 Randy Bramblett.

View the complete results here.

See you next year!!