Trimble Criterium

FOR Categories 4-5:
Opens: 8:00a
Closes at 8:30a
Rider Meeting: 8:45a
Start Time: 9a

FOR Categories 1-3:
Opens: 9:00a
Closes at 9:30a
Rider Meeting: 9:50a
Start Time: 10a

Open to all Club Members
Fee: $10
Juniors: Free
Club Membership: $40

Registration Location: MAP
680 North ::
Hostetter Road Exit & Left at Signal
Right onto Lundy Ave
Left at Concourse

880 North ::
Exit Montague Expressway
Exit heading east.
Proceed to Trade Zone Blvd. (2nd signal)
Turn right on Trade Zone
Turn right at Lundy Ave
Turn right at Concourse

Concourse: MAP

Trimble Criterium Rules

Any 1/2/3 riding on the course during the 4/5 event will be warned to remove himself /herself from the course. Upon the second warning, the rider will be DQ'ed from the 1/2/3 event for that day. Money WILL NOT be refunded. Any 1/2/3 rider riding in the pack of 4/5 riders (exception is invited mentors that will be clearly marked with colored safety vests) will be DQ'ed from the event on the spot. Again, no money will be refunded.

Mechanical/Flat Tire Policy
Riders experiencing a mechanical are entitled to one free lap per event. The free lap ruling is suspended on the last two laps of the event. Riders taking more than one lap for a mechanical may complete the race, but are credited with only one (1) overall participation point. Riders must report to the start/finish line before making repairs.

Winter Series Rules

All events are conducted on open courses with vehicle traffic. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST OBEY THE CALIFORNIA VEHICLE CODE AT ALL TIMES.

Helmets are required anytime you are on the roadway before, during and after the event.

In accordance with California Vehicle Code, ear buds and headphones are not allowed. If you are seen wearing them by either the Winter Series staff or volunteers, you will be disqualified for that day's event and no points will be awarded.


Points Awarded

Category Champion
Overall Champion
Junior Trophy
Women Trophy

The schedule is subject to change.

In the event of rain on the day of an event, call the club phone (408) 920-1771 at 6:30am

Winter Series Release Form

Question or comments:
Winter Series Coordinator

Wanna help:
Sign up: Volunteer Form


Course: 4 Right Turns
Turn 1: Concourse
Turn 2: Ringwood
Turn 3: Fortune
Turn 4: Lundy

Total Distance:
1.25 miles per lap

Winter Series Schedule

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25 Winter Series Banquet