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Henry Coe Hill Climb Time Trial

Opens: 8:00a
Closes: 8:30a
Rider Meeting: 8:45a
Start time: 9:00a

Open to all Club Members
Fee: $10
Juniors: Free
Club Membership: $40

Registration is located at the Park and Ride on Butterfield between Dunne Ave and Main Ave in Morgan Hill.

Registration Location: MAP
South on highway 101 to E. Dunne Ave., turn right (west) towards downtown Morgan Hill.

After approx. 1 kilometer turn right on Butterfield (if you hit Monterey Street you've gone too far).

Start Line
Start Location is approximately 3 miles from Highway 101 on the east side of the reservoir approximately 1/3 mile past the bridge.

Start Location: MAP


The climb up Henry Coe has two downhill sections on the climb. The first is approximately 4 miles up the hill. The second is about 2 miles later. Each downhill section is about 1/2 mile long. The overall grade of the climb runs at about 9%. The steepest part of the climb is just before the finish and immediately following the cattlegaurd. This section is about 12% or more, for about 100 yards.

Course Map - provided by Richard Treadway

Winter Series Rules

All events are conducted on open courses with vehicle traffic. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST OBEY THE CALIFORNIA VEHICLE CODE AT ALL TIMES.

Helmets are required anytime you are on the roadway before, during and after the event.

In accordance with California Vehicle Code, ear buds and headphones are not allowed. If you are seen wearing them by either the Winter Series staff or volunteers, you will be disqualified for that day's event and no points will be awarded.

A FALSE START will result in a 10 second penalty plus the number of seconds the rider false starts, so if a rider goes off two seconds early, they can expect a 12 second penalty.

Due to the complex nature of setting handicaps for the team time trials, teams must pre-register their roster with the Winter Series Coordinator within 72 hours of the race start (9:00 am Thursday previous). Teams not registering their roster prior to the race will not receive a handicap. No substitution will be allowed for the 2 person TT.

Under 34 Minutes Club

2007 0:31:24.31 : Tom Roberts
2004 0:31:32.96 : Eric Albrecht
2008 0:31:40.03 : Clark Foy
1996 0:32:08.00 : Seth Angevine
2005 0:32:23.83 : Sebe Ziesler
2005 0:32:29.59 : Scott Frake
2000 0:32:44.87 : Jon Ornstil
2008 0:32:49.55 : Daniel Tisdell
2001 0:32:59.28 : Doug Gillard
2001 0:33:12.93 : Aron Mason
2005 0:33:27.87 : Greg Davis
2005 0:33:32.47 : Raffi Jilizan
1995 0:33:41.00 : Joe Fant
2009 0:33:48.30 : Maurice Monge
2009 0:33:48.61 : Johannes Steffans
2008 0:33:55.83 : Daryl Spano
2007 0:33:57.15 : Carlo Facchino
2009 0:33:57.69 : Yuma Koishi
1999 0:33:58.33 : Tyler Heerwagen

Points Awarded

Time Trial Champion
Category Champion
Overall Champion
Junior Trophy
Women Trophy

Time added to:
Scratch Trophy

The schedule is subject to change.

In the event of rain on the day of an event, call the club phone (408) 920-1771 at 6:30am

Winter Series Release Form

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Total Climbing: x feet
Total Distance: 7 Miles
Steepest Grade: 12%

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